Special Words from some of my Past Clients

Dear Branch Manager
For the last few months I have been struggling on how to put into words our appreciation for the efforts of two members of your staff, Bill and Jan Richard. Their expertise and professionalism took a potential high stress situation and turned it into a smooth and pleasant experience.
We had been trying to get out of our small, cramped condo and into a house for about a year by going to open houses, trying real estate agents that weren't listening to our needs, taking model home tours, etc. and was quickly coming to the conclusion that nothing was out there for us. Things started to turn when we met Bill at an open house and told him our story. Within a short time he was showing us homes that were meeting our needs were all potential winners. Unfortunately the stock market started to take a turn for the worse and out anticipated down payment started to dwindle.
Now most agents would have dropped us like a hot potato and moved on but not Bill. He empathized with our situation and kept in touch with us until we were ready to put ourselves back into the market. He put us in touch with a person that helped us determine the best way for us to buy without having a touch our deflated stock options. Within the first week of being back into the game, he found us 3 exceptional homes. The tough part was picking which one we wanted. After Bill negotiated a fair price for us, he and Jan took on the difficult task of finding a buyer for the condo in the time allotted so the profit could be used as a down payment for the house. Not only did they fund a buyer, a difficult one I might add, but also closed the deal with time to spare. A smooth transaction all the way around.
You hear horror stories about home buying and selling and I was expecting the worse, but our dealings with Bill, Jan totally contradicted what I was hearing from friends and associates. I will strongly recommend Bill and Jan to anyone I come across who is in the need of their services.
Thanks Again,
Mike and Debbie

Dear Bill & Jan,
Thank you so much for all the services you have provided our family this past year. In a complicated world, you make our real estate needs simple and fairly painless. We appreciate all the individual attention as well as your willingness to have multiple Open Houses in order to better market our home. Thank you also for spending countless hours driving us around to view new purchases. Most of all, thank you for helping to resolve the problems we ran into with the title. Please also let Steve know we view his attentiveness and follow-through as outstanding. I will certainly continue to recommend you as an excellent, personable Realtor.
Bill & Kathleen

The entire process was very smooth. Bill is extremely patient, knowledgeable and honest. My wife and I really appreciate working with Bill. He made us feel as if we were his one and only client. He drove us around all hours of the day and night spent countless hours researching for us. My wife and I are very happy with our new home!

Bill & Jan were absolutely wonderful to work with. Bill was very honest and trust-worthy. I knew he always had our best interest and well-being in mind. I never felt pushed or rushed through any part of the process. Bill always took the time to return all of my calls, no matter what time. Bill make himself available to us almost 24/7 which was amazing. I never expected that type of service from a realtor. Bill was a wealth of knowledge regarding when to buy and what to look for. I like not being rushed but I also like that Bill kept properties in mind for us when he drove around the county. Wonderful experience!
Jason & Kathleen

When we were first time home buyers, we were looking for someone that we could trust and someone that would help us walk through learning all of the ins and outs of buying a new home. We found Bill Richard through a mutual friend and he was just what we needed.
Cody & Michelle Busick

Dear Bill,
Congratulations, we successfully closed another one!
It's always a pleasure working with agents who demonstrate the ability and professionalism needed in making the sales process a pleasant one for all parties involved. Agents like you help give our industry a good name. I especially appreciate the open communication we experienced throughout the process.
I look forward to working with you again and again. Great job and Gob Bless!
Your Friend in Real Estate,
Eric, Realtor

Dear Bill,
This is a note to Thank You for the helping me find a wonderful home for my family. I finally get to move in next week and am very excited. I would not have found that home if not for your efforts knocking on doors. When I first interviewed you, you said, if need be, you would go out into a neighborhood and do just that. I appreciate your efforts very much and want to say a simple, but very sincere, Thank You. It was indeed a pleasure working with you. You are pleasant, professional, very patient(!) and overall just a nice person to be associated with. Please feel free to use me as a reference, I would be happy to pass on good words about you.
Best of everything to you and your family in your home. Thank you again for everything!

Above and beyond the call of duty with excellent results.
Chris & Mayumi

When I started looking to buy a house in Carlsbad, CA, I had been to about 75 open houses over several months and had yet to connect to a local realtor. I came into contact with Bill Richard at an open house during my open house tours in the North County area.

I want to thank you all for an absolutely wonderful experience. Working with you folks was so different from the previous realtor. From your communication to your honesty I appreciate it all.
Kevin & Alicia

I wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere & utmost appreciation. You have never given up on us & helped us continually. You offered all kinds of help whether your business interest was involved or not. I know you really cared for me & my wife.
This house wasn't possible without you. No matter how we looked back, it is you who found a home (not only a house) for us. The way you handled the situation for us was beyond the call of duty. You have truly shown the definition of "Professionalism". I can't say enough to show you our appreciation.
I truly wish you and your wife and everyone at Richard Realty Groups a Very Successful year and many years forthcoming.
Sincerely w/lots of Thanks...
Sungho Chun & Family

Bill and his team did a super job in listing and selling my former residence. Then Bill worked himself to the bone to find us just the right new home. It was a difficult and complicated process but Bill never lost his cool patience, wise counsel and gentle demeanor. His exceptional market expertise and negotiating skills proved to be invaluable in the successful sale of my former residence and the purchase of our new home. Sellers and buyers in both transactions were delighted.
Tom & Ann

Bill and his team were there for us every step of the way. Bill provided great dedication, professionalism and outstanding service. He responded quickly to every property we inquired about and it was this prompt action that enabled us to find and purchase the home we love.
Colleen & David – San Marcos, CA

We had a great experience with Bill as our Realtor. He took time to get to know us and then took us to see the houses that fit our criteria. We bought and moved into the perfect house for us. It is now our "Home". I will recommend Bill to all who ask for a referral. Thanks Bill!
Scott & Fran

Bill was able to help my wife and me purchase the home that we had been looking for, for quite a long time! We were beginning to feel discouraged and frustrated with the purchasing process, until we met Bill! He had the perfect listing and was able to make both parties feel comfortable and satisfied with the transaction in a timely manner! Thank you again!
Chris & Erin

Bill was wonderful to work with from start to finish. At the end of the day, I got the house I wanted at the price I was willing to pay. Bill's attention to detail and constant support were unparalleled, and he would be the first person I will call the next time I am buying or selling a home. Thanks again Bill.
Patrick Albert

Bill was wonderful to work with. He has helped me with both buying and selling my home. His kind and caring manner made the transition for me and my family a very smooth one. He is professional, detail oriented and a pleasure to work with! He was able to sell my home quickly and bring in the price that I was looking for. I will recommend him highly to anyone and everyone! Many thanks to Bill and his entire team!

Bill and Jan were an amazing team throughout our "1st time" home buying process! Bill was wonderful in the ways that he saw our families wants and needs and found them for us within a days time. We found our home the 2nd day of house hunting with Bill. All the details of purchasing the home, were like a dream... so smooth, efficient and fast! Our Family has been so blessed by The Richard Realty Groups. We HIGHLY recommend them to ANYONE who is searching for an Honest, Caring, Strong, Knowledgeable and Personable Realtor.
Dave & Jamie

The first time we met Bill was Easter Sunday in 2005. We were driving around looking for open houses and Bill was in the street outside his own home, greeting his dinner guests. Bill not only came over to us and answered our questions, he invited us in for dinner! We knew that when we were ready to buy a home we would use Richard Realty Groups. We have now bought and sold our home in Carlsbad with Bill as our Realtor. Bill has a way of putting you totally at ease knowing that he is taking care of all the details. His market knowledge and expertise alongside his professionalism and attention to detail allows you, the home buyer or seller, to be comfortable knowing that should you have questions or concerns, Bill and Richard Realty Groups are there for you at any time, day or night. The photos taken by Steve Compos for marketing purposes showed an appreciation for our home and the personal touches we had made to it, not just as an object for sale. We would recommend the Richard Realty Groups to anyone buying or selling their home. You couldn't be in more patient, honest, dedicated or professional hands.
Matthew & Lynn

Bill was very responsive and helped work through all of our questions and concerns. When working with Bill and his team, we felt comfortable and confident throughout the entire process which really allowed us to focus on the excitement of purchasing our new home!
Chad & Blake

Having first worked with Bill, Jan and their team dating back to 2000, it has been a pleasure to reconnect with the Richard Realty team once again. Bill truly is the "full service broker," as he's helped with multiple real estate transactions of mine over the years, been a mentor for my personal growth, and most recently has helped shape my commercial real estate needs in launching my new business. Most importantly, Bill's integrity and loyalty to his client's is something you won't find elsewhere. He exudes a special touch that delivers to your every need and ensures your satisfaction is met at every turn. As I approach almost 15 years of knowing Bill and his team, I thank my colleague time and again for setting that relationship in motion. I recommend Bill and the Richard Realty Group with enthusiasm for all your real estate service needs. They will NOT disappoint.
Mark & Kendra

Bill Richard is a professional and amazing Realtor. He pays attention to detail and his negotiating skills are unmatched! We put our house up for sale and the next day had a full price offer! We chose another offer, 4 days later, and sold for MORE than what we were asking! Bill negotiated every aspect of our transaction with sincerity and always had our best interest at heart! I would and will recommend him to everyone!
Miles & Trudy

In an accelerated world, where transactions and sales speak louder than service standards, there are some notable exceptions to the rule. One happens to be Bill Richard.
Bill’s approach to selling real estate is clearly not a numbers game, but rather he has chosen to embrace a service based strategy to ensure that his new prospects became life-long customers. As 1st time customers, it struck us that Bill built his business on the premise that exemplary service and satisfied customers are more important than short term financial gains. In representing our interests, he looked at the income as a by-product of the sale, not a focal point that drove the sales process. It wasn’t about numbers, but rather about satisfying the customers objectives.
One of Bill’s trademark behaviors was his accessibility. He was literally always available to speak with me, my wife or our son to provide candid opinions about any aspect of the properties we were exploring. He was always cordial, professional and accommodating. Since this was a first home for our son, Bill made the time to have one-on-one time with him to solicit his specific ideas and opinions rather than just catering to the ‘buyers’. We were impressed. He spent the time with us to truly assess our particular needs so the homes we did see fit our specific guidelines. He educated us on the market, thereby making the process fast and easy.
Another aspect of this transaction which impressed us was the fact that Bill made himself an expert in the local market and various property types. His knowledge was encyclopedic. He made sure we had no shortage of options or perspective throughout the process.
Exceptional service is underscored by people of character. Bill has a surplus of character and that was manifest in what we came to recognize as legendary patience and a broad base of real estate knowledge. Both were instrumental in allowing us to become informed buyers. We were highly satisfied with his overall services and work ethic.
My unilateral decision to send this letter of recommendation is evidence of that satisfaction. I would recommend Bill to other potential buyers without reservation.
With Thanks,
Tim and Jenni Smith

Making the stress of selling my home almost go away. They always communicated with me every step of the way and in a timely fashion. They gave me good advice each step of the way to enable me to get the best price for my home. We where on a flag lot that makes it a harder sale... it got sold. A note, I own a small business and run my business with integrity. Richard Realty Group does the same. I am a very particular person and require a lot of detail and I got it every step of the way. I highly recommend Bill Richard.
Tom & Martha Gill

I would give Bill Richard my highest praise. Our realtor, Dennis Watkins was knowledgeable and thorough throughout the transaction. His diplomacy was crucial in a couple of instances, and due to his ability to get along with people he solved some issues that could have caused problems. Bill Richard is a person of the highest integrity, and in this business that is paramount.
I would recommend this company to anyone looking for an honest and reputable agency.
Don W.

We are so grateful for the kindness and professionalism we experienced with Bill Richard and Richard Realty Groups! Moving, selling and buying a home are all very stressful things. Having a realty team that is watching out for your family! Thank you so much for everything Bill!
Cody & Michelle Busick

We are a military family that moved cross country. I had three days to find our perfect home. Bill and Steve took me around, listened to what we really wanted, and facilitated a great sale for us. Since we were out of the state, Bill and his team handled every aspect of our purchase and made sure to be present for inspections. Having them in our corner made a very stressful summer a lot less stressful. Thanks!!!
Mollie Ellis

Thank you for making this process such a smooth process and being so open and honest with us. We could not have asked for a better agent!! I am so thankful that God brought us to you.
David & Susan

I can't say enough great things about our experience with Bill Richard at Richard Realty Groups. We are a military family living in VA and were looking to sell our home in Oceanside, CA. This is our first time selling a home, and Bill walked us through everything with professionalism, ease, and integrity. We never got the chance to meet him face to face so our communication was through phone and email. It was scary, blindly looking for a Realtor from across the country via the internet. But we put our complete trust in him and he absolutely delivered. He was very knowledgeable of our area and knew exactly what to do to sell our home quickly. Most of all, he was trustworthy! I could not have asked for a better Realtor and ease of transaction. Thank you for making our first home sale so smooth and for always putting us first!!
Susan Kim

I decided to sell my home in Fountain Valley, downsize to a condominium, and move to North San Diego County to be closer to my grandchildren. After 44 years in my FV residence, I dreaded the process of selling one home and buying another and all the life-changing decisions I would face. Bill not only made my experiences less stressful, he made them enjoyable; and he was always available to show me listings that met my criteria. After looking at a unit, we discussed the pros and cons so that I could easily eliminate the choices that would not fit my lifestyle. Once he had me walk up and down a flight of stairs leading to the front door six times to see if I would be comfortable having to navigate stairs every time I entered or left my home. Another time he asked me to retrace my steps from a gorgeous condo down the long hallway to the underground parking garage. Then he posed the question, “Will you be okay with doing that every time you leave your condo?” at which point the upgraded designer condo had lost some of its appeal. We stood on patios and discussed the view and the canyon breezes. His skill in posing thought-provoking questions for my consideration definitely led me to make the best decision for myself and my family, and his expertise in negotiating skills brought great results. I am most grateful for Bill’s wisdom and experience. Thank you so much, Bill.
Margaret Carey

I cannot say enough about our experience with Bill Richard. He was the consummate professional who helped us through a very complicated transaction - purchasing a bank-owned property. He operated by the motto of going "above and beyond" in assisting us through every step of the process. However, what struck me the most regarding Bill was his integrity.
Fred & Kathie Lyle

Our transaction was fast, but Bill was faster! I completely appreciate all of the hard work and negotiating that Bill did for us. He's excellent at his job and even more excellent at who he is as a person! He's the only person I trust to help me buy or sell a home!
Trudy Kaplan

Trust and honesty are crucial when you are selling or buying a home. We have worked with Bill, Jan and Bill's Mother to help us buy our home. They helped us immensely and we couldn't be happier!
L. R. & Candace

Bill was personal & professional. He was great.
Brian & Rosemarie

I would like to thank you for assisting me selling the house within a very short time. Your tireless efforts, honesty, fame and dedication made it to happen. You are also a respectful person; I am glad I was not wrong in requesting your assistance. When I opened the website to search for an honest and successful broker, your name appeared everywhere. I was overwhelmed and made my decision to contact you. Once again I express my sincere appreciation to you for your kind and unreserved assistance, I wish you well and congratulate you on your success.
Mohammad Amed

Bill was very familiar with our neighborhood, The Foothills, and this knowledge helped him to correctly price the home for a quick sell. The description and photos that appeared on the internet highlighted the positive features of our property. Once we accepted the offer, Bill was very hands-on and calmly walked us through the steps to closing. We highly recommend Bill Richard if you have a property to sell.
Bill and Sheila McGovern